The Climb Out of Hopelessness to Health

Hopeless Health Hell 

Around 2011 I lost my husband. The grieving process revealed dormant immune issues. I got very sick in 2013 and lost a lot of weight. None of my clothes fit me. My closest friends were worried about my life.

I was seeing the best naturopathic doctors. All of them recommended nutritional solutions that made me more ill. I was chasing different symptoms: parasites, candida, mold. I started taking vitamin C intravenously once a week and began emotional work with homeopathy to drain negative emotions. There was not much progress.

I grew more exasperated and started to lose hope. Health and wellness was always my passion. I could not understand why the healthy nutrition that I and my naturopathic doctors believed in just wasn’t working. 

I was praying to find an answer – any answer.

Discovering the Answer

One day I was visiting one of my professional colleague’s home and noticed a book on her desk written by Medical Medium. Thumbing through it, I discovered one of his recommendations was to drink a glass of celery tonic daily. At first, I was very resistant to this addition to my diet. However, I had severe stomach aches, and one of the benefits of the celery tonic is to repair a dysfunctional digestive system, so I decided to give it a try.

Gradually, my stomach symptoms improved and I began to return to my normal weight. 

Encouraged, I started to watch every Medical Medium YouTube video and studied his books. As I put the knowledge I gained into practice I started to heal myself.  Wow! My eyes were opened to the power of healing foods.

A New Level to Health

After maintaining my new level of vitality, I’ve gained confidence knowing that I am in control of my health and well-being.  I feel that I am capable of things that I believed I could not do. My thinking is clear and my mood is elevated. I could not imagine that I could end up it this exuberant state! But, here I am. 

And I’d love you to join me.

I’ve lived this journey and my passion is to help others who may have given up hope.

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