Santa Barbara & Montecito Lymphatic Facial

Feel Lighter with Less Inflammation and Less Pain.

Energize Holistically offers customized facial lymphatic drainage sessions to stimulate facial tissue regeneration.

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Facial Lymphatic drainage is a gentle and therapeutic skincare technique that helps to promote lymphatic circulation and reduce facial puffiness. This specialized treatment involves usage of the Lymph Star Pro therapeutic instrument and light massage that follow the lymphatic pathways of the face and neck. By stimulating the lymphatic system, this treatment helps to eliminate toxins, excess fluids, and waste products from the facial tissues, resulting in improved skin tone, reduced inflammation, and a more radiant complexion. Lymphatic facial treatments are often sought after for their ability to enhance the skin’s natural glow, alleviate sinus congestion, and provide a relaxing experience that contributes to overall facial rejuvenation. Lymphatic drainage enables renewal of the lymph system, activation of circulation and energy pathways, and stimulates facial tissue regeneration. Lymphatic facial therapy is a truly effective, holistic approach for achieving beautiful vibrant skin.

Enhance your facial with Dermalactives Bio Collagen Mask. This beneficial mask is formulated with a proprietary blend of collagen and serums designed to slow down the depletion of collagen, and to nourish the tissues of your skin.

“The first lymphatic massage session with Katya was truly transformative. My skin was very clear and I felt a sense of stillness that was much different than massage or other forms of therapy.  The muscles in my face and arms felt invigorated and the inflammation from allergies was gone.”

Fee Schedule

45 min$120.00 (lymphatic facial)
75 min$190.00 (lymphatic facial) + eye & chest Dermalactives Bio Collagen Mask