About me

Fair skin blond smiling women  in floral dress.
Katya Oreshkina

I grew up in Russia.  As a young girl, life was not easy for me. I had health disorders that I was able to overcome naturally with proper nutrition, supplements and holistic therapies.  As a maturing young woman and with my newfound health, I chose to be a gymnast. I went to gymnastics school and competed professionally for 3 years. I believe in myself and strive for excellence in everything I do – thus I excelled in school and graduated with a gold medal for outstanding performance. 

Because of my health struggles as a young girl, I feel empathy and compassion for people who have health related challenges. I have made it my goal to help people with health issues through my holistic training.  I truly love to help my patients with all my heart.

I am a licensed massage therapist, certified lymphatic therapist (CLT), certified fitness trainer (CPFT), certified neuro-endocrine & anti-aging consultant (NEAR), bioenergetic consultant, nutritional consultant, and holistic coach, owner of Energize Holistically center.

I believe that addressing nutritional deficiencies and detoxification are very important in overcoming health related disorders. We are bombarded with toxicity every day. Your body needs to be able to detoxify harmful substances faster than you are consuming them, if you want to have optimal health.

Your immunity is the key to everything!

Through my training and personal healing journey experience, I provide solutions for overcoming health related challenges by addressing the underlying causes of disorders rather than just looking at masking symptoms. Prevention is better than cure. The tools that I offer to my clients are very powerful in prevention.

My clients complement me on the benefits they have experienced from my amazing healing energy and unique ability to inspire people to make changes in their lives. 

Your health is so important!  If you are not feeling your best, or you want to take your health to its optimal level, I am available to customize a plan to get you there!

Wishing you a Happy Healthy Day!