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Energize Holistically offers customized lymphatic therapy sessions to address breast related issues.

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Lymphatic therapy plays a vital role in promoting breast health.  Utilizing a gentle massage technique, the lymphatic system is encouraged to remove toxins, excess fluids, and waste. Lymphatic massage can improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and enhance the body’s immune response. 

Who can benefit from breast lymphatic therapy?

  • Women who experience hormonal breast sensitivity. Lymphatic therapy can provide relief for women experiencing hormonal breast sensitivity, a common issue during menstrual cycles or hormonal fluctuations. By promoting lymphatic drainage, the therapy helps reduce swelling, tenderness, and discomfort associated with hormonal changes.
  • Women who are recovering after breast surgery. Lymphatic therapy helps alleviate post-operative swelling, promotes healing, and prevents the buildup of excess fluids. This gentle massage technique can enhance the recovery process and contribute to a smoother healing journey.
  • Women who are recovering after breast cancer treatment. After undergoing breast cancer treatment, the lymphatic system may be compromised due to surgeries or radiation therapy. Lymphatic therapy aids in reducing post-treatment swelling (lymphedema), improving circulation, and enhancing the body’s natural detoxification process.
  • Women who want to take a proactive approach to maintaining breast health. By encouraging lymphatic drainage, the therapy helps eliminate toxins and waste that can accumulate in breast tissues over time. This may contribute to reducing the risk of breast-related issues and promoting overall breast health.

“Lymphatic therapy helped my body to “drain”, but changing my diet has provided mental clarity, energy overall feeling of vitality.”


Individual Therapy Session Prices

30 min$100.00
45 min$120.00 (lymphatic facial)
60 min$135.00
75 min$150.00
90 min$165.00

60 Minute per Session Plans

4 Session Series        $470.00 

6 Session Series