Wellness products I recommend

Below are products that I use and recommend for optimal lymphatic health and vitality. Some of the following products contain affiliate links. As an associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

A state of the art biomat is an FDA registered Class II medical device. This device is a melding of far infrared rays (FIR) light therapy, negative ion technology, and the amazing healing properties of amethyst. FIR utilizes safe energy waves that gently raises the skin’s surface temperature creating a healing environment deep into the skin. FIR therapy is believed to enhance blood circulation and detoxification. It is also an effective pain management tool. I use this relaxing and rejuvenating therapy in my own practice and highly recommend it.

DirectLabs® offers a wide variety of low-cost, high-quality laboratory tests at a fraction of the cost.

Rebounding is one of my favorite low impact exercises. You can lightly bounce sitting on a trampoline, jog or vigorously jump.

A session in an infrared sauna assists in detoxification and elimination of toxins naturally by sweating. Twenty minutes two to three times a week is a great addition to any healthy lifestyle.