Could Vinegar be the Culprit?

There are many suspects in your diet, lifestyle and trends that might be hindering your health.

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Santa Barbara Lymphatic Therapist

I provide more than just holistic health services.  No matter, where you are in your life, I can offer lifelong coaching strategies that can help you not only to survive but thrive.


Lymphatic Therapy

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Energize Holistically offers a variety treatments from relaxing whole body lymphatic therapy, lymphatic drainage facial to customized lymphatic drainage sessions to eliminate specific problems.

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Pulsed Magnetic Therapy

Pulsed Electro Magnetic therapy can be applied to most conditions and injuries, and is often a catalyst for maximizing benefits of other therapies.

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One on one consulting

I provide solutions for overcoming health related challenges by addressing the underlying causes of disorders rather than just looking at masking symptoms.

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New Level Membership

I also offer a group class that meets once a month for a subscription price of $9.99. Here is the perfect place to ask your questions, get answers and create your own lifelong health strategy.

“Katya is not only a well-rounded healer but her expertise and knowledge of physiology, lymph and nutrition and how they balance the body together make her a go to source for those who are looking for a more comprehensive direction with their health.”